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Effortlessly Test Your Campaigns to Determine Your Best Option


Track Performance to Monitor Your Results

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In a world where mobile devices have become such a major part of our everyday lives, SMS marketing is no longer a tactic you can put on your to-do list. The fact is that everyone reads their text messages. It’s the most frequently used mobile feature, ahead of voice calls and email. If you want to reach existing and potential customers on a direct one-to-one basis, instantly, on a device that is with them wherever they go, around the clock, in a quick, simple, trackable, cost-effective, mobile-friendly way, you can’t afford to ignore SMS marketing.


The Ultimate Mobile Messaging Solution

When it comes to SMS Marketing, there’s no company better than SMS Studio. We are a full-service, soup to nuts solution for creating high-impact professional text messaging campaigns. Our easy-to-use, yet robust and high-end, platform combines powerful tools for list management, design, campaign optimization and analytics to help you effectively reach your goals. If you want to stay top of mind with and engage your current and potential customers to drive revenue, we are your go-to source for maximizing your mobile relationships.

Even more great features

Simple API

The SMS Studio platform offers easy and secure API integration, so you can actually use our platform from other platforms as well.


Built-in Short URL

Text messaging naturally limits the amount of allowed characters you can display. In lieu of this, SMS Studio has the capability of making your URL links shorter, which allows more space for your content.

More and more extra great features

Build and manage your mobile database with ease

The first step and key to any successful SMS campaign is building your list of subscribers. SMS Studio offers full list management capabilities, which includes everything from segmentation by countries or action (click/lead/sale) to bounce management (undelivered messages or wrong syntax) and unsubscribe option.

Create Your Own World-Class Lead Generating Landing Pages

The design of your landing pages is critical. You simply cannot afford not to have a professional and impactful message that delivers ROI. SMS Studio gives you the ability to easily create your own engaging landing pages to generate leads. Or you can leverage your own website and add multi-tier conversion tracking, which delivers the capability to add product images, so you know which product has been viewed the most times.

Effortlessly Test Your Campaigns to Determine Your Best Option

The SMS Studio platform assists you with optimizing your campaigns to ensure they are successful via a/b testing. This feature allows you to create several versions of your message, define the percentage of subscribers you want to perform your test on for each and choose the way that the system selects the winning version based on clicks and leads.

Track Performance to Monitor Your Results

Mobile marketing with SMS Studio is not a guessing game. You actually know if your campaigns are successful or not. Our platform provides advanced tracking and reporting by language, operating system, type of mobile device, countries and actions (click/lead/sale).


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